Managing Electronic Medical Records

electronic medical records for hospitalsHIPAA compliant scanning and indexing of electronic medical records for hospitals is becoming an increasingly common way for healthcare facilities to manage their records and documents. One hospital, in particular, was experiencing a growth in its medical center and, thus, its records requirements. The hospital was keeping records past their retention date, and was still accumulating more. With document storage and retrieval concerns, it was decided that digital imaging was the best way to manage and preserve their medical records. Learn more about high-speed document scanning services.

HIPAA Compliant Scanning & Indexing

The hospital was storing over 13 million pages of patient files in their small records room located beneath a parking structure, which was going to be taken down in 18 months. There was no other space large enough to house the records and nowhere in the budget to justify the cost of offsite storage (and the difficulties of retrieval).

The challenge was the hospital’s current scanning capabilities and the fact that their constantly accumulating records were impacting their day-to-day operations. The hospital hired a professional and HIPAA compliant scanning team to complete their scanning project, which would have taken five years using their own equipment.

The technology brought by the scanning team resulted in a productivity spike of 800 percent, allowing them to get all their documents scanned and digitized quickly. Barcode recognition capabilities also allowed documents to be identified and indexed automatically, reducing the amount of manual intervention needed.

Now with their medical records available online, physicians can access the information they need quickly, and fewer personnel are needed for releasing information. Paper storage is no longer needed for discharged records, as they are scanned and indexed within 24 hours of patient discharge. This has halted the accrual of additional records. Users can also retrieve images from a PC in seconds, and physicians can complete records online and retrieve them from the hospital, their office, or their home.

hipaa compliant medical records scanning indexing


  • Improved scanning productivity by 800% with high-speed scanning technology
  • Maximized productivity
  • Decreased long-term operations expenses
  • Reduced labor costs by 33%, which will pay for the entire scanning project in the first two years
  • Cleared out 1,500 square feet of records
  • Automatic document orientation and multi-feed detection
  • Multiple patient folders can be scanned at once
  • Reduced document preparation

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