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The large mainframe and other high volume computing systems that many businesses use for invoicing, human resources, and inventory management can be confusing and difficult to maintain. With user-friendly COLD/ERM report management software, business forms and information processing is made simple with a data processing ending to capture, process, store, and distribute data in reports that are easy to understand.

Simplify report management and streamline business processes by using automated print stream processing to search and manage data, reduce information management costs by replacing paper and storage with electronic documents, and improve process efficiency with point-and-click configuration. COLD/ERM report management software makes data more accessible and easier to manage.

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Your business will experience many benefits and savings by converting to COLD/ERM report management for business forms and information processing. Here are just a few of the perks of PaperVision® Enterprise Report Management:

  • Simple point-and-click setup without scripting or programming.
  • Pre-processing samples so you can preview reports before processing to ensure accuracy and quality.
  • Automated report processing and indexing on a user-defined schedule that detects and processes new reports
  • Conversion of data into readable and full-text searchable electronic reports
  • Maximize storage space with file compression without sacrificing processing time
  • Automatically route reports through user-defined steps and business procedures
  • Full-text search and extraction capabilities across multiple index fields and projects
  • Immediate data vailability
  • Data encryption during capture processing for ensuring security

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