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electronic forms softwareincreasing efficiency with electronic forms software

The cost of using, processing, and filing paper forms can cost companies thousands of dollars per year in wasted time and paper. In fact, a single paper form can cost anywhere from $30 to $165 to use, process, and enter. Compounded by how many paper forms companies use and file in a single day, it’s obvious that the time and money spent in managing paper would be much better used in productive money-making activities. E-forms are a new solution to this problem that are quickly growing in popularity, and their ease of use make them attractive to both companies and customers. Many companies have seen for themselves that electronic forms software increases efficiency. We provide consultation and services for managing e-forms to companies across the U.S.

E-forms are electronic versions of paper forms. Generally, any type of form can be digitized into an e-form. E-forms are secure, easy to use, increase productivity, and save money your company would be spending on pushing paper.

Benefits of using electronic forms software

Most customers would rather type in answers on a form than physically fill it out with paper and pen. In addition to improvements in efficiency, using e-forms will eliminate the cost of printing, storing, and distributing pre-printed forms to customers. Customers can also fill out e-forms faster because of the programming that automatically formats, calculates, and validates information.

According to Margaret Rouse, “Compared to paper forms, e-forms allow more focus on the business process or underlying problem for which they are designed.”

managing e-forms to increase efficiency with document management

On top of saving money, e-forms have many benefits for your company and customers, including:

  • Improved data accuracy: Data validation software simplifies customers’ form completion and ensures that information is entered correctly.
  • Instant data submission: Information can be automatically captured and forms can be filed as soon as they’re filled out, making data instantly available to other users and businesses.
  • Automation:Forms can be instantly sent to necessary parties as soon as they’re completed, leaving more time for productivity.
  • Accessibility: E-forms can be used on desktop, web, or mobile devices, in addition to having assistive technology available.

Implementing and managing E-Forms

Now that you’ve seen the benefits e-forms can bring to your company’s productivity, it’s time to consider what types of forms to convert into e-forms using electronic forms software. Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Look for document-driven processes. These processes are repeatable and typically have to be filled out and approved by numerous recipients. For example, enrollment forms and expenses reports are document-driven processes with multiple participants.
  • Determine your return on investment (ROI). Ask yourself how much labor is involved in the existing process, how much money your company is spending on printing, faxing, and distributing forms, and what kind of processes could be eliminated or improved upon with the replacement of paper forms with electronic ones. For more information and tips on determining your ROI, check out our article here.

contact us about managing e-forms

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