Preventing the spread of germs and other contaminants in medical settings can be the difference between life and death. That is why infection prevention and control is a major concern in hospitals, urgent care clinics, laboratories, surgery suits, and more. Medical institutions need to invest in the right infection control products to prevent healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs). At Southwest Solutions Group®, we offer many reliable and easy-to-use infection prevention and control products.

Why Infection Prevention and Control Matters

According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, one out of every 25 hospitalized patients in the United States is affected by an HAI. The transmission of HAIs can make patients sicker, increase their hospital stay, and even increase a medical facility’s liability.

No medical facility wants patients to leave sicker than when they came in. The answer to preventing HAIs is an infection control system that incorporates the right type of equipment.

Understanding Infection Control Products

What products do you need to implement effective healthcare infection control solutions? First, look at cleaning your equipment. As medical procedures become more advanced, doctors and nurses are using a wide array of complex, hard-to-clean equipment. Automated cleaning technology designed specifically for cannulated and robotic surgical instruments can help ensure that every piece of equipment is completely clean and sterile.

One of the most common ways an HAI can be transmitted to a vulnerable patient is through an endoscope. Because endoscopes go inside a patient’s body, medical personnel need to be extra sure their endoscopes are clean. A useful infection control product is an endoscope drying cabinet. These cabinets can store large and small endoscopes and allow for the equipment to fully dry after cleaning. Some endoscope cabinets also come with a HEPA filter to provide air circulation that prevents moisture from accumulating on the drying scopes.

A final way to clean medical equipment is through the use of ultraviolet light. In particular, a UV flash cabinet uses C wavelengths to destroy germs, including well-known superbugs.

Why Invest in Infection Control Cleaning Products?

There are so many reasons medical facilities need to incorporate infection control products into their daily routines. They can:

  • Reduce the contraction and spread of diseases and HAIs
  • Make it easier and faster for your staff to clean equipment
  • Save time and clean medical instruments better than manual cleaning
  • Lower your company’s patient liability
  • Improve the way you store and organize important medical equipment.

Where to Find Products for Hospital Infection Control Systems

If you are serious about infection prevention and control, then take a look at our full catalog of infection control products. From surgical device disinfection systems to stainless steel ultrasonic washers, we want to keep your patients safe. At Southwest Solutions Group, we believe in offering reliable, state-of-the-art equipment that will keep your patients healthy and happy. Contact us today to improve your infection control system.