Exam Room Modular Casework Meets Hospital’s Furniture Needs

Exam Room Modular Casework

With the decline of privately owned primary care practices, hospitals are taking on more and more patients. The results of this expansion on exam room furniture are centralized acquisition, increased standardization, decreased focus on custom millworkers, and increased pressure on cost containment. Exam Room Modular Casework and Patient Room Cabinets meet the needs of today’s growing hospitals. (view Exam Room Modular Casework images) Click here to learn more about modular casework. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

Important Qualities of Exam Room Modular Casework and Patient Room Cabinets

There are some very important qualities that Exam Room Modular Casework and Patient Room Cabinets must have to meet hospital expectations including,

  • Efficient Space Utilization: Casework should occupy a small footprint
  • Infection Control: Casework and cabinets should discourage the spread of bacteria
  • Functional Storage: Patient Room Cabinets and Modular casework should minimize clutter
  • Adaptability: Casework and cabinets should be flexible
  • Good Price: Exam Room Casework and cabinet should be cost-effective

Our Exam Room Modular Casework and Patient Room Cabinets meet all of these requirements.

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Exam Room Modular Casework and Patient Room Cabinets Features

Efficient Space Utilization

Patient Room Cabinets Modular Casework

  • Modular casework attaches to building wall is easy to relocate
  • Cantilever modular casework cabinets hang from the walls with no need for support structure

Infection Control

  • Sloped top shelves promote cleanliness and make cleaning cabinet tops easy
  • Radius Thermofoil edges reduce the opportunity for bacteria growth and spread
  • Elevate casework makes cleaning and mopping the floor easy
  • Wall mounting of faucet and sinks makes water leaks easy to clean and eliminates mold growth found in closed sink cabinets
  • Solid surface tops and backsplashes designed to control infectious bacteria growth

Functional Storage

  • 4 ½” Clear Overhead Interior
  • Shallower Drawers
  • Organized Supply StorageExam Room Modular Casework Price Comparison


  • Easily Reconfigured
  • Rails Attach to Thermofoil Panels

Designing and Installing Exam Room Modular Casework and Patient Room Cabinets

Let us help answer design and installation questions about our Exam Room Modular Casework and Patient Room Cabinets for your hospital. Send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 and let one of our experienced healthcare professionals help solve your needs.


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