Stainless Steel Cabinets with Smart Locks

smart locks have software to provide detailed usage reports

Healthcare facilities need to store a lot of different medical products and many of them are expensive and dangerous, which is why restricted access is necessary. Stainless steel cabinets with keyed locks are good for making sure medical products are behind locked doors, but key locks don’t have the ability to tell you who is accessing the cabinet. That’s why Smart Locks are important for the security of medical products. Smart Locks can be added to all types of stainless steel cabinets. These Smart Locks are equipped with audit software that will monitor the cabinet’s usage, providing detailed usage reports so you can know who accessed each cabinet and when they accessed the cabinet. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing. Click here to learn more about stainless steel furniture for clean rooms.

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Smart Locks Provide Detailed Usage Reports

smart locks on stainless steel cabinets to provide extra security

Touchpads using Smart Locks can provide detailed usage reports to audit the cabinet’s access information. The cabinets are accessed by a 4 digit code on the touchpad that can be set and changed by management. In addition, managers can set the locks to open and close at specific dates and times to save time while maintaining security. Mangers can easily collect information from the locks with a handheld device. Because the Smart Locks have computer controlled software, information is monitored and the captured for detailed usage reporting. Reporting includes who accessed the lock and when they accessed the lock. The Smart Locks are also able to detect when someone has attempted to tamper with lock.

stainless steel cabinets with smart digitally controlled smart locks

Features of the Stainless Steel Cabinets with Smart Locks 

Smart Locks are battery operated and typically last 18-24 months, which is longer than other locks by 3-4 months. The locks are designed to work on stainless steel cabinets that are used in hot and humid environments. In addition, the front of the touchpads are sealed to prevent wear and tear and backed with a 2 year warranty. We can provide Smart Locks for existing stainless steel cabinets or provide new stainless steel cabinets with the locks.

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