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automate hospital inventory management processes with stock box

StockBox & Smart Cabinets Help Hospital to Automate Inventory Management Processes

A New York hospital’s radiology unit found that it consistently had an excess of inventory and expired supplies. The hospital narrowed the inventory expiration problem down to their manual counting method of managing inventory. The hospital wanted to automate the inventory management process and turned to StockBox and Smart Cabinets with RFID technology for help. The StockBoxes and Smart Cabinets automatically manage inventory of medical devices and consumables, including stents, catheters and filters within its radiology department. (view images of StockBox and Smart Cabinets) Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.TheresANewLogiTagSolution

How the Hospital Uses StockBox & Smart Cabinets with RFID Technology

The hospital installed one StockBox and two Smart Cabinets in its radiology department. The StockBox manages consumables that are only used once like surgical supplies. The Smart Cabinets track high-cost and time-sensitive medical products like implants used during surgical procedures. The Smart Cabinets capture data on when products enter and leave the shelves via RFID.

stockbox with rfid technology automates inventory management

The RFID technology inside the Smart Cabinets automatically records when staff members remove implants or other necessary medical products from the locked cabinet. The Smart Cabinets also enable the hospital to match the digital record of the medical product used during a particular procedure, via bar-code scans that are linked to existing management software, for the purpose of billing those products to the patient.

An additional benefit of the StockBox and Smart Cabinets is the ability to automatically detect when an medical product is nearing its expiration date. This allows the hospital more control over its inventory to ensure that costly items are not overlooked and won’t expire before they are used.

The Results of Automating Hospital Inventory Management Processeshospital uses smart cabinets to automate inventory management processes

By automating inventory management processes with the StockBox and Smart Cabinets the hospital was able to,

  • Reduce inventory – 25% decrease
  • Use medical products before they expire – 100k estimated annual savings
  • Save nurse time – 8 hours weekly
  • Have real-time reports, accessible by hospital staff

Contact Us for StockBox & Smart Cabinets with RFID Technology

Southwest Solutions Group® provides StockBox and Smart Cabinets with RFID technology to hospitals for automating inventory management processes. Contact us by phone at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak to the representative in your area.


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