CSI 11 21 73.43 Garment Storage

csi specification 11 21 73.43 garment conveyorsCSI specification 11 21 73.43 hanging garment conveyors and lifts are used for storing clothing, uniforms, large linens, drapes, and other textiles in less space than traditional garment racks, and offer ease of accessibility by bringing stored garments to the user at the push of a button.

Garment Conveyors & Lifts

Storing garments in conventional racks can eat up a lot of space on your floor area or back room. It’s easy for stored items to get dropped, dirt, or misplaced when they’re moved, and climbing a ladder to reach garments stored high up on hooks can lead to serious injuries. Instead, the hanging garment conveyors and lifts utilize overhead vertical air space and bring stored materials down automatically to increase space savings, accessibility, and safety. You can easily double your storage without any remodeling and keep your garments and textiles fresh and untouched until they are needed.

CSI specification 11 21 73.43 lift and store or tilt and store garment conveyors store your materials safely and out of the way, keeping them free from wrinkles, damage, or theft. With the lifts and conveyors, you can make more room on your floor area for other items or aisle space. The lifts are low voltage with wall mounted or overhead configurations. Wall mounted versions mount directly to your existing open wall space, while the overhead lift mounts to your ceiling, leaving your aisles and floors open again.hanging garment conveyors lifts storing clothing

The hanging garment conveyors and lifts bring stored items to your fingertips at an ergonomic height for easy retrieval. Five lifts can be run off a single power supply, saving you money and making it easy to run a whole line of lifts along a wall or across the ceiling. The system operation is simple, reliable, and strong to guarantee long-lasting use and durability. The hanging garment conveyors and lifts come completely assembled and ready for immediate mounting. They are made in the USA with high quality materials, and since they qualify as electric appliances rather than building improvements, you can write them off your taxes.

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