CSI 11 98 16 Detention Equipment

csi 11 98 16 detention gun weapon storage lockers racksThere is a wide variety of detention storage equipment available for law enforcement officers to ensure the safety, security, and efficiency of your facility. CSI 11 98 16 detention gun and weapon storage racks and evidence deposit lockers are two affordable and secure storage solutions for securing and organizing weapons and evidence in these sensitive environments.

Gun & Evidence Deposit Lockers

CSI 11 98 16 detention gun and weapon storage racks and lockers provide secure storage for small firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, and ammunition while not in use and ensure that only authorized users are able to access them.

There are many configurations of gun and weapon storage racks and lockers available, including long arm storage lockers, sally port wall mounted firearm cabinets, vehicle weapon lockers, and portable gun storage boxes depending on your space and storage needs. Combinations of pistol and long gun weapon lockers are also available so you can store your small firearms and long guns in the same cabinet. All lockers are extremely durable and available in both standard and customized configurations. For more information on all these types of cabinets and lockers, click here.


csi 119816 pass through evidence deposit lockers detention storage equipmentEvidence deposit lockers are available in pass-through and non-pass-through configurations for storing all types of temporary evidence while ensuring the chain of custody. These lockers allow officers to deposit evidence at any time, day or night, to be stored until it can be retrieved by an authorized party.

For enhanced security, the lockers are self-closing and self-locking. For pass-through lockers, evidence is retrieved from the rear door inside of the property and evidence room by authorized personnel.

Also available are refrigerated evidence deposit lockers and drying cabinets. These are ideal for blood, biological samples, and temperature-sensitive evidence. Dual circulation fans maintain a uniform temperature in refrigerated lockers, and drying cabinets connect directly to your exhaust ducting. For more detailed information about evidence deposit lockers, click here.

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