preventing HAIs with laboratory equipment washers

CSI 11 53 17 automated laboratory equipment washersAutomate your cleaning process with CSI 11 53 17 automated laboratory equipment washers and 11 53 19 lab sterilizers for your medical and surgical instruments. According to the CDC, an estimated 1.7 million people develop a hospital-acquired infection (HAI) annually and are costing almost $30.5 billion. Understanding the causes of HAIs and investing in prevention solutions is an easy way to reduce HAIs and their costs.

CSI 11 53 17 & 11 53 19 automated washers & UV light sterilizers

Solutions for cleaning and sterilizing your medical and surgical instruments include the automated surgical instrument washer and UV light cabinet.

Surgical instrument washers are designed to replace manual washing, which is an inefficient, error-prone, and time-consuming cleaning method. Typically, reusable device manufacturers provide a flushing port for their instruments, but these rely on manual flushing that results in low-flow flush with no direct physical cleaning.

11 53 16 lab sterilizers UV flash cabinetsThe automated washers clean instruments thoroughly with its unique air-injected flushing system. They eliminate human error and offer high-powered internal cleaning of surgical tools and reusable medical devices such as cannulated instruments, suction tubes, endoscopy devices, kerrisons, laparoscopic instruments, robot arms, and more. The washers use numerous processes and advanced technology to ensure complete cleanliness including heated water, enzymatic cleaner and solution, ultrasonic generation, air injection bubble cavitation stream, interior and exterior rinse with heated water, and rinse cycles with highly filtered and ozonated pure water.

UV light cabinets emit a UV flash designed to quickly and effectively disinfect a wide range of both patient-care and personal items, which can also act as vectors for HAIs. The cabinets emit a 254 nm ultraviolet germicidal light (UVC) that breaks the molecular bonds inside microbial DNA to destroy the germs. UVC has been shown to kill over 300 different germs including bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, and yeast. The UV light cabinets are ideal for sanitizing stethoscopes, thermometers, blood pressure cuffs, cell phones, keys/ID cards, and other items quickly between patient visits.

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