Electronic Keyless Day Lockers Meet Worker’s Changing Needselectronic day lockers with charging stations in a variety of colors

The way people work is changing. Flexible work hours, telecommuting, and traveling around the country to different offices are becoming the norm in our high paced mobile businesses world. Because employees don’t need to be in the office as much, companies are turning to a term called “hoteling” or on-demand workstations to meet the needs of their employees and visitors. An important part of hoteling is providing Electronic Keyless Day Lockers with built-in charging stations for employees to safely and securely store their belongings (computers, phones, tablets, clothes, etc). These temporary day lockers are specially designed to ensure stored items are kept locked up tight while providing an elegant look and convenient access – all with the added bonus of being able to charge your electronics.

Designing Day Lockers with Charging Stations

charging stations added to electronic keyless day lockers withThe Electronic Keyless Day Lockers can be designed to meet your business’ requirements. There are wood lockers for an elegant and sophisticated look or powder coated steel lockers in a variety of colors for a modern aesthetic look. No matter what your design vision, we have keyless day lockers available in any size and material to match your office decor. In fact, we can even mix and match the sizes of the lockers within each bank.

Keyless Day Lockers also come with a variety of accessories and options to compliment your design. There are built-in charging stations that gives employees an easy way to keep all of their electronics ready to use and adjustable shelves and hanging garment bars for easy organization of belongings.

Keeping Stored Items Secure in Electronic Keyless Day Lockersday lockers with touchpad keyless locks for hoteling

The day lockers come with an assortment of state-of-the-art keyless lock choices that can be integrated into any type of day locker. One of the more popular options is the Touchpad Key-Free Lock that uses a 4-digit code for access. The touchpad locks provide an audit trail for management to see who has accessed the day locker and when if access questions arise.

Another popular option is the RFID Transponder Locks that are a great choice for day lockers that get a lot of traffic. Users can open or close lockers using proximity cards, bracelets, or pressing a Wellness® key against the door knob.

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