Making Sure Athletic Equipment & Gear is Ready for Game Day

Just like the players are part of a team, it’s also a team effort for the staff to make sure all the athletic equipment and gear is properly stored, organized, and ready for use. It’s especially important for games that require travel. Game lockers and cubbies are the ideal solution for storing everything your players and coaches will need. The game lockers and cubbies are customizable to ensure that every inch of your storage space is maximized.

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game cubbies storing athletic gear and apparel for coaches and players

Why Should You Use Game Lockers & Cubbies

Player game lockers and cubbies will efficiently store everything your team needs for game day. Helmets, cleats, pants, jerseys, undergarments, and a travel bag will fit perfectly inside. This way the equipment managers can pack the travel bag with everything the players will need to make it easy for them when traveling.

university game lockers for storing player athletic equipmentPlayers aren’t the only ones that need game lockers. Coaches and staff need them as well for polo’s, jackets, rain gear, shoes, hats, and other items.  Because athletic equipment and gear is organized in the game lockers and cubbies, nothing will be left behind.

Even if your tem isn’t traveling, the last thing anyone wants to think about on game day is where their stuff is. Players, coaches, and staff need things to run smoothly behind the scenes so that the focus can be on creating the winning play.

Game lockers and cubbies can be designed as standalone units or within a shelving system. Whatever your preferred method for storage is, the game lockers and cubbies will increase efficiencies.

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Southwest Solutions Group® has worked with numerous athletic departments to design and install game day lockers and cubbies. To speak with a representative, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.


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