Achieving compliant & accessible athletic gear storage

powered mobile compact shelvingTurning powered mobile compact shelving into compliant and accessible athletic gear storage for a top notch university took considerable planning. And, if a renovation of the main athletic facility hadn’t come about, it may never of happened. From the start, it wasn’t even clear what kind of system was needed. All that was known was that storing sports items in small, cramped spaces had caused the current system to become disorganized. This lead to mounds of frustration and wasted time. There was also no one area large enough to house every item needing to be stored, leaving supplies and equipment difficult to find much of the time. Finding themselves out of their depth as to how to proceed, the staff consulted a storage expert for help.

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It took considerable work on the part of the storage expert in order to come to the conclusion that powered mobile compact shelving was for right choice for creating compliant and accessible athletic gear storage. A thorough assessment of space and user needs was needed before any recommendation could be made. A dialogue between the consultant and staff began, so that a clearer understanding of what they were actually dealing with could be established. It involved detailed questioning about the items that needed to stored, when access was needed to those items and how often the items were used. From this, it was suggested that everything be consolidated into two units. One was to be reserved for football storage, while the other was designated as sports medicine storage. The only thing left to do was to conduct the space assessment, so as to ensure everything was appropriately accounted for and accommodated. It involved measuring the space in every dimension, while also making note of any obstructions. This included things like load-bearing columns, ductwork and sprinklers. There was also future storage needs to consider, as well as the need to record detailed information about the items to be stored.

compliant and accessible athletic gear storageWanting to give the staff and students a better idea of what the space could potentially become, the storage consultant also considered what the university most desired before moving forward with developing a storage plan. Because shelving is more likely to become cluttered and disorganized if empty, it was important to the university staff that everything be given a clearly marked “home.” This included crutches and shoulder pads to dress belts, just to name a few. All sporting equipment, gear and supplies needed to be just as easy to find as it was to put away. It was only after considering this, plus the limited space available and usage patterns of the athletics and staff, that powered mobile compact shelving was formerly recommended. Learn more about mobile compact shelving.

How powered mobile compact shelving works

To understand why the system was seen as the best option to achieve compliant and accessible athletic gear storage, you must understand how it works. In its basic form, powered mobile compact shelving is a collection of storage units mounted on carriages that travel along floor rails. All that is required is for the system user to push a button or electronic touchpad. As this operation is performed, the system squeezes itself into a smaller footprint to eliminate excess aisles and save space. Safe and convenient accessibility is accounted for in much the same way, as the system comes apart to give you an access aisle when the controls are engaged again.

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Adding powered mobile compact shelving components for improved efficiency

To ensure the powered mobile compact shelving met the needs of the client with improved efficiency, the consultant specified it be equipped with bins, hangers, steel pegboards and more. Adding these components meant that everything item would be given a home. The number of linear feet required to store the items in containers, as well as on hangers and shelving were estimated. A thorough plan was also formed, so as to make sure there was plenty of space for every last item to be accommodated for. From bins for small items and shelf space accepting of boxed items like shoes and bulk supplies to hangers for uniforms, everything found a place to go to in the end.

Safe compliant & accessible athletic gear storage

Code compliance was also dealt with in very intricate detail. The powered mobile compact shelving had to exhibit equal grades of ADA compliance and rail stability in case of an earthquake, while also not obstructing sprinkler function in the event of a fire. To ensure all this was accommodated for, several safety measures were taken. This included specifying special anchors to secure the rail systems. There was also the inclusion of another system, which can be linked to a facility’s existing fire alarm system. It automatically opens compliant and accessible athletic gear storage shelving to even spacing, if the firm alarm is set off. And, if a fire were happening, the spacing between the shelving would allow heat to rise and activate sprinklers. Easy viewing between the shelving is also established with support from even spacing. Read articles on why high density storage is a must have for any college football team.

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