Ventilated athletic equipment cage lockers provide a robust storage solution for sports gear while simultaneously reducing the smell and unsanitary conditions of athletic locker room storage.

Many facilities need a place to store wet sports clothes, athletic gear, and more. These lockers feature heavy-duty steel construction with perforations to maximize airflow. The rust-resistant designs mean facilities don’t have to worry about corrosion. Click to see equipment cage lockers on our online store.

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What are Ventilated Athletic Equipment Cage Lockers?

athletic storage wire partition cageVentilated athletic equipment cage lockers are mesh-made and rugged. This toughness means it will hold up against wear and tear and won’t damage easily. 

Sports gear is safe and secure yet visible to make inventory checks simple. The perforation also allows better airflow to circulate, ensuring equipment lasts.

Above all else, the ventilated cage lockers are there for hygienic purposes. Whether lockers in a gym’s changing, the athletic field house room, or a professional athletic facility, they help store sports gear and equipment. 

However, without proper ventilation, these items can create an odor. Constant airflow through ventilated lockers allows sweaty gear or wet sports equipment to dry.

Ventilated Athletic Equipment Cage Lockers feature designs that are specifically for:

  • Wet Sports Gear Storage
  • Athlete Changing Areas
  • School Gym Locker Rooms
  • Field House Storage

Benefits of Using Ventilated Athletic Equipment Cage Lockers

Durable, Secure, and Dry Storage

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Ventilated Athletic Equipment Cage Lockers are a durable solution when facilities need a place to keep sports equipment safe and dry. In addition to providing a high degree of ventilation and strength, ventilated lockers are also ideal for facilities needing visual inspections of the contents.

Because athletes don’t always take their gear home, creating odor, mold growth, and sanitation will develop issues. That’s why sports facilities need to have a high-quality ventilated locker system. That way, they provide a comfortable, secure, and durable solution for athletes, students, and other locker users.

The wire mesh ventilated lockers offer the highest resistance to hard abuse and use. Ventilated athletic equipment cage lockers are ideal for athletic use, where ventilation is essential for drying gear.

Improves Efficiency

Coaches and athletes love the features and efficiency of ventilated caged lockers. They efficiently store bulky sports gear while providing quick and easy access to other items. The locker’s interior makes it simple to store sports equipment necessary and allows the athletes to focus on the game.

They are Affordable

Our ventilated athletic equipment lockers are affordable. Units are big enough, making them ideal for storing sports field gear. Sports gear includes balls, bats, and game sticks, to name a few. Click here to see more about athletic storage.

Easy to Install

sports equipment room wire cagesThe ventilated athletic equipment cage locker comes in varying standard sizes. 

Each comes in starter and adder units, with single or double-tier storage compartments. 

Customization is also available by request. Units ship unassembled with easy do-it-yourself instructions, making installation a breeze. Visit our online store to see our athletic storage products.

Additional Benefits

  • Wire mesh construction.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction provides extra durability and protection.
  • Because there are no sharp edges, users are less likely to experience an injury when using these lockers.

Additional Features

  • Ventilated lockers are available with or without tops.
  • Single and double-tier lockers are available.

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“We absolutely love our new high-density football helmet storage shelving. I’m amazed at the unique storage solutions you have to offer. We appreciate how Steve listened to our requirements and came up with a very practical storage solution. Chad and his installation team kept us informed throughout the installation process. Your crew was very clean and courteous. Great job!”

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“Thanks so much (Troy) for coordinating getting the ramp removed so quickly. We truly appreciate the communication and doing whatever it took to meet our last-minute notice deadline. Your customer service throughout the process has been second to none.”

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“I have worked with Chuck on several projects since arriving at Kansas University. He is a top reason why I continue to come back to Spacesaver/Southwest Solutions Group for our storage needs. He has experience with several athletic equipment room projects and sweats every detail because he knows it matters to us. Chuck never hesitates to jump in when necessary to make sure the project is finished properly. He is prompt for appointments and puts in the extra time to meet deadlines. Several adjustments had to be made during installation and he kept us well informed we are pleased with the results. I’ve noted several points above that leave me with positive memories. The completed and immaculate new athletic equipment system along with its work counters and modular cabinets will be my most positive memory.”

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“Your team absolutely knocked it out of the park! We are very pleased with the high-quality work they did under challenging conditions. I will be contacting you around November/December of this year as we will need additional racks installed.”

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