Athletic team lockers are an essential part of any sports team’s equipment. They provide a place for athletes to store their belongings while playing and help keep the team’s equipment organized.

Athletic lockers come in various sizes and styles and serve multiple purposes, from school sports lockers to gym lockers (view more athletic storage lockers).

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Great Applications for Athletic Team Lockers

Any organization, from a high school football team to a professional hockey league, can benefit from a high-quality athletic team locker.

Sports storage is worth your consideration if you want to properly care for your sports equipment.

Athletic storage lockers are ideal for: athletic gear lockers

  • K-12 sports teams
  • Collegiate-level athletic departments
  • Professional sports teams
  • Sports training facilities
  • Sports camps
  • Athletic equipment retailers

As you can see, many organizations can benefit from high-quality athletic storage solutions. Check out athletic products on our online store.

If you are part of one of these organizations, then it is worth your time to explore the different types of storage options that are available.

Find out how you can get the perfect athletic team or equipment storage locker for your sports team below.

Athletic Lockers for Every Need

sports team wood lockersAthletic team lockers are available in various sizes to accommodate the needs of any team in any sport.

Athletes require different amounts of space to store their equipment, and the locker size is based on the type of facility and the sport.

The most common size of athletic locker is the full-size locker, which is large enough to hold all the equipment an athlete needs, including a uniform, cleats, gloves, and other gear.

Take a moment to explore the various athletic lockers available to help find the perfect solution for your team.

Athletic Team Lockers

athletic game day team lockersThe most common locker size is the full-size sports team locker, which is large enough to hold all the gear that athletes need, including their shoes, clothes, and other equipment.

These professional sports lockers provide benefits in most college and professional locker rooms. Sports team lockers are a vital component of any sports league, from football to basketball and everything in between.

Another standard locker is the two-tier or half-size locker, which is smaller than a full-size locker but still large enough to hold all the gear that an athlete needs.

School Athletic Lockers

School athletic lockers are necessary for any school with a sports team.

These lockers provide a place for athletes to store their belongings while they are playing, and they also help to keep the team’s equipment organized.

School athletic lockers are available in various sizes and styles and serve multiple purposes, from school sports lockers to gym lockers.

Stadium Athletic Lockers

athletic team lockersStadiums also have a type of locker called a stadium locker.

These lockers are usually much larger than others and hold all the gear an athlete needs while playing a game.

Stadium athletic lockers are in the locker rooms of professional, college, and high school sports teams.

Athletic Storage Lockers

These types of lockers differ from traditional athletic team lockers.

An athletic storage locker’s sole purpose is storing equipment, usually found in a school or gym locker room.

These lockers usually have a lot of shelves and compartments to store all the different types of equipment that athletes use, such as balls, weights, and other gear.

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“We absolutely love our new high-density football helmet storage shelving. I’m amazed at the unique storage solutions you have to offer. We appreciate how Steve listened to our requirements and came up with a very practical storage solution. Chad and his installation team kept us informed throughout the installation process. Your crew was very clean and courteous. Great job!”

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“I have worked with Chuck on several projects since arriving at Kansas University. He is a top reason why I continue to come back to Spacesaver/Southwest Solutions Group for our storage needs. He has experience with several athletic equipment room projects and sweats every detail because he knows it matters to us. Chuck never hesitates to jump in when necessary to make sure the project is finished properly. He is prompt for appointments and puts in the extra time to meet deadlines. Several adjustments had to be made during installation and he kept us well informed we are pleased with the results. I’ve noted several points above that leave me with positive memories. The completed and immaculate new athletic equipment system along with its work counters and modular cabinets will be my most positive memory.”

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“Your team absolutely knocked it out of the park! We are very pleased with the high-quality work they did under challenging conditions. I will be contacting you around November/December of this year as we will need additional racks installed.”

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