Why the University Needed a Rolling High Density Storage System

Oklahoma State University (OSU) was renovating their stadium in phases. The biggest challenge for OSU was finding a way to store all of the football equipment in the football equipment room with the allotted square footage. The easy decision here was to go with a rolling high density storage system that compacts the storage into less space. Additionally, custom features were incorporated into the rolling high density storage system that made it easy to see the equipment and grab it from the shelves. (read more about high density storage systems)

rolling high density storage system with custom end panels for extra football gear storage

Special Features Added to the Rolling High Density Storage System

A few of the custom features for the rolling high density storage system that Southwest Solutions Group’s Oklahoma representative Steve Story created were inspired from different applications found in retail and even from healthcare. OSU originally stored the 200 footballs that they kept on hand during the season in boxes, which took up way too much space. A custom solution was created that allowed the balls to be stored in a feeder. The footballs were protected, easily accessible, and would never roll off the shelving.

university football equipment stored in the rolling high density systemIn addition to the balls, belts can be a tedious item to keep organized. There are approximately 250 game day belts that have to be dealt with in three colors and several different sizes. These used to be rolled up and stacked on shelves. Now, in the rolling high density storage system, the belts are well organized and hanging on racks that pull out for quick access and easy visibility of the different sizes.

Another feature added to the rolling high density storage system was end panel storage. Certain items like shoulder pads are kept on the ends of the system for easy access. The equipment managers can just reach for the items they need without opening an aisle. This also better utilized the limited space.

Overall, the rolling high density storage system ensured that all of the football equipment fit into the room, and the additional features Steve designed met all of the equipment manager’s needs.

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