Automated Storage Machines Enable High Speed Small Parts Order Pickingincrease productivity through high speed small parts order picking

To pick parts, do your employees have to travel across the warehouse to one row of shelving, walk up and down mezzanine stairs over and over, or climb ladders to get parts that are out of reach? High speed small parts order picking with Automated Storage Machines will reduce the time workers spend searching for parts and increase productivity. In fact, Automated Storage Machines can increase picking speed by 800%. These storage machines allow employees to work smarter, increasing transactions and accuracy to provide a quick return on your investment. Most companies that invest in Automated Storage Machines for high speed small parts order picking are able to justify the cost because the machines have a payback in less than two years. (Automated Storage Machines images) Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

How Automated Storage Machines Work for High Speed Small Parts Order Picking

small parts order picking with automated storage machinesComputerized software combined with the Automated Storage Machines allows for machines to be automatically driven by sophisticated inventory management computer software. The system can batch like parts together and send picking instructions to the Automated Storage Machines, delivering parts to the operator. LED lights point to the exact bin location and displays the part number and quantity of parts for the operator to pull. As the picking operator completes the first pick, the machine is already delivering the next part to the pick station.

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