Push back pallet racking is an effective storage solution for warehouses and distribution centers that need to maximize storage capacity while maintaining accessibility. The Last In, First Out (LIFO) storage system stores pallets on nested carts or spring-loaded rails. The system allows pallets to slide back and forth for optimal accessibility.

This space-efficient pallet rack system is ideal for homogeneous non-perishable goods or inventory with a quick turnover.

Read on to learn about push back pallet racking, including the benefits and different variations, such as push back roller racking and spring-rail push back racking. To see more industrial storage solutions, view our market page.

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Benefits of Push back Pallet Racking

Space Savings

push back racking systemsPush back racking is a high-density storage system that saves space and maximizes storage density. The system’s compact design requires only a single access aisle to load and retrieve pallets since the stored pallets automatically slide to the front of the pick face.

By eliminating the need for aisles between each storage lane, a push back pallet rack system offers up to 90% more storage capacity than selective rack systems.

This compact pallet racking system also efficiently uses your facility’s vertical space to maximize your storage density. Push back warehouse racking’s space-saving benefits make this system an excellent solution for reducing energy costs for cold storage.


A Push back pallet racking system can improve the efficiency of your operations. Push back pallet racking provides better accessibility than similar systems like drive-in racking because all the pallets automatically flow to the front of the rack. Forklifts do not have to drive into the lane to load and unload, saving time.

Push back pallet racks also afford greater selectivity than drive-in racking, as each storage lane flows independently. The gravity flow cart and spring-rail systems are energy-efficient and will not increase energy costs.

Product Safety

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Push back pallet racking reduces the risk of product damage compared to systems like drive-in racking. All pallets are deposited at the pick face and flow back and forth on their own, minimizing product handling and thus reducing the risk of damage. Custom designs are also available to support weak pallets. Forklifts do not have to drive into the racking system, reducing the risk of damage to the uprights and rails.


You can customize Push back racking to meet your unique storage needs. Push back racks are compatible with pallets of any size, including non-standard dimensions. The gravity flow and the spring-rail racking systems are compatible with cooler and freezer environments.

What is Push back Racking?

Push back racking systems consist of storage lanes with either a series of nested carts or spring-loaded rails. Once the first pallet is loaded into the initial position, the forklift will gently push the first pallet back to make room for the next pallet. And when one pallet is unloaded, the remaining pallets automatically slide forward to take its place.

push back roller rackingPush back racking facilitates LIFO inventory rotation, which makes it a good solution for non-perishable or long-lasting inventory with a quick turnover. Need a FIFO solution? Consider drive-through racking or gravity flow racks

Push back Roller Racking

Push back roller racking features nested rolling carts and rails that incline upward from the pick face. Each pallet is placed on a cart with rollers that move along the rails, creating a gravity flow track system for the pallets to slide back and forth. As new pallets are loaded onto the system, they push the existing pallets back along the rails, exposing the next cart. The final pallet rests on the rails. The carts slide into their nesting position during unloading, bringing the remaining pallets forward. Visit our online store to see our industrial storage products.

Features of Push back roller racking include:

  • Pallet storage 2 to 6 deep
  • Supports up to 3,000 pounds per cart
  • Carts provide support for weak pallets
  • The top cart’s center stop prevents the pallet from hanging off the rear or being pushed off the cart by successive pallets
  • Each lane has a stop plate on the rear to prevent carts from being pushed off the rear of the system
  • Interlocking tabs between carts
  • Color-coded carts can indicate how many pallets are stored in any given lane

Spring-Rail Push Back Racking

Spring-rail Push back racking consists of horizontal tracks with spring-loaded rails; unlike traditional gravity flow Push back racking, the rails are not inclined. The first pallet loaded rests against the spring head and pushes back against it to extend the springs during loading. When a pallet is unloaded, the springs contract, pushing the remaining pallets forward.

push back rackingFeatures of spring-rail Push back racking include:

  • Pallet storage 2 to 4 deep
  • Supports up to 3,000 pounds per pallet
  • Optional center tracks provide additional support for extra heavy loads or weaker pallets
  • Front-to-back security cable prevents spring accidents
  • Rust-proof nylon polyester rollers
  • Can be installed in new or existing racks
  • Can be installed on any rack without any special beams
  • Springs rated 10,000+ cycles before showing fatigue
  • Lower profile than gravity flow racking
  • Floor leveling tracks can anchor onto the concrete slab
  • Ships fully assembled for quick installation

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