High Density Shelving is a Must for Any Division 1 College Football Team

Traditional storage systems just won’t cut it for college football today. They need something better; they need high density storage. High density shelving is the must-have storage system for college football gear and equipment because it’s adaptable, maximizes space, and organizes materials to keep your team on the field, ready to score.

custom designed end panels with the mascot for the football team's high density shelving

A division 1 college football team has a massive amount of gear and equipment: helmets, shoes, uniforms, pads, clothes, and so much more. Everything a player wears is issued to them and needs to be ready to go at game time. Staying on top of all the gear is a large task for equipment managers. Additionally, the efficiently uses floor space allocated to store all this gear and equipment is usually a big concern for universities.

University of Arkansas Razorback Choose High Density Shelving for Their Football Team

In fact, the University of Arkansas Athletic Department came to us because they were experiencing the same issue many college football teams face: a lack of space for storing gear and equipment. Spacesaver® high density shelving is known throughout many college athletic departments as being the best at storing team gear and equipment, and the University of Arkansas only provides the best for their Razorbacks.

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customized shelves for the college football team's gearJustin Story and the Southwest Solutions Group® team got to work and designed two high density shelving systems. For the end panels of the shelving, Justin worked with the university’s local graphics company to design a facial shot of Razorback’s tusks. The shelving itself was designed to precisely store every type of gear and equipment, no matter what size or shape. And best of all, the high density shelving fits in a much smaller space than traditional shelving, without affecting the ability to access stored gear. (read more about high density storage systems)

Space for Repairing Gear Benefits for the Team

In addition to the high density shelving, Justin designed work table to be used for repairing helmets and other broken equipment. Having the space to keep gear in proper working order makes all the difference once the game starts.

Along with the work tables, custom game day cubby shelves were installed on the walls for player’s game day lockers. These cubbies give the equipment managers the ability to quickly organize everything the players need for game day whether it’s at home or on the road.

Contact Us for Help Storing Your Football Team’s Gear and Equipment

Southwest Solutions Group® has worked with numerous university athletic departments including Baylor, A&M, Texas, KU, OSU, OU, and TCU, as well as high school and professional teams to store their gear and equipment in high density shelving. Give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to learn more about what we can do to solve your athletic storage challenges.


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