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Last updated: October 08, 2020

Library Wants to Update Spacesaver® Cantilever Shelving

acrylic end panels on spacesaver cantilever shelvingA large public library installed Spacesaver cantilever shelving in 12 of its branches. A few years later, the library came back wanting to refresh the shelving at two of the branches. Specifically, the library wanted to add lighting to the existing shelving and replace the end panels with more modern material at two of its branches. One of the branches also requested tops for the shelving since the original cantilever shelving installation was done without tops. (Check out our library furniture to complement your shelving)

Lighting & Acrylic End Panels Installed on Cantilever Shelving

To make this project work, Spacesaver designed and manufactured a unique bracket to mount the desired lighting to the cantilever shelving. The bracket was created to serve two purposes: 1) as the bracket on the shelves’ welded frames to hold the lights and 2) as the bracket for the acrylic panels at the end of the shelving units.

Additionally, acrylic panels were chosen as a feature to update the ends of the library’s cantilever shelving. The library’s marketing department chose graphics to be used on the panels.

spacesaver cantilever shelving lighting bracketAt the first library branch, the bracket was used to retrofit the lights and custom acrylic panels to the cantilever shelving. Steel tops were also installed. At the second library branch, the bracket was also used for the lights and panels. Special tops made of maple laminate slightly wider than the shelves were added to meet their design requests. And as an added benefits, the wider tops helped conceal the bracketed light.

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