Library modernizes itself with cantilever shelving

cantilever shelving A county library that had served residents for over eight decades was in the market for a new storage system once it was determined their existing shelving was no longer adequate enough to meet the demands of patrons. Among other things, the new shelving the library was searching for had to eliminate the cramped and claustrophobic feelings felt by the public as they roamed the aisles, as well as serve as a platform where life-size historic photographs could be displayed. The solution, called cantilever shelving, was made possible with help from a grant and funds from the county. It turns space into better storage design and function. And, with its installation, the library was able to achieve its goal of becoming more modernized and establish itself as a valued cultural center and preservation site around town by mounting aged images on the exterior panels of the shelving. Cantilever display shelving is just one of many library storage options at our online store.

Cantilever shelving creates space

The unique design and flexibility of cantilever shelving created more space for the library to store its extensive collection of reading materials without any trouble. It also opened up the floor and turned space into better storage design and function. This produced a free-flowing design to the library’s interior, alleviating the restricted feeling once felt by individuals as they walked the aisles in search of materials. And having the option of using 3Form acrylic panels mounted onto laminate, instead of simply viewing metal shelving through translucent material, significantly enhanced the viewing experience for passersby by creating a more dramatic effect. In addition, library staff and patrons enjoyed improved visibility and had better access to materials since the size of the cantilever shelving was far less than the library’s previous storage system. An additional acrylic panel was added to the top of the cantilever shelving to increase the amount of light moving through the library.

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Do more with cantilever shelving

cantilever shelving The installation of cantilever shelving allowed for the library to expand to more than twice its originally size. This created room for the library staff to better accommodate the growing needs of patrons. A classroom-style room was added to serve as a designated place where the public could receive computer access and help with job services. Patrons could also now borrow technology devices such as laptops and iPads for use at the library. And an outdoor garden, featuring benches and WiFi-access, was added as well. How cantilever shelving, with acrylic end panels and canopy tops, turns space into better storage design and function.

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