Celebrate World Paper Free Day

World Paper Free DayThere’s a day for everything nowadays, even for reducing paper use. On November 9, 2017, World Paper Free Day encourages businesses to go completely paperless for just one day in an effort to raise awareness for the importance of a digital office and less reliance on paper documents. But for some businesses, going paperless even for a day might be impossible. If that applies to you, don’t worry. It may seem daunting, but starting the paperless transition can be fast, easy, and worry-free with the right techniques and equipment. That’s where we come in to manage all of your paper and digital information with quality and compliant scanning services.

Don’t worry if you’re still tied to paper. In fact, most digital offices still use paper processes in some form with a “paper-lite” office. For some records, it’s required to keep a paper copy. There is a long way to go before any business can be truly “paper-free,” but digitizing even just a portion of your documents can provide valuable time savings and efficiency boosts. Additionally, digital records are more environmentally-friendly than paper.

Starting the Transition to a Digital Office

Though establishing a digital or paper-free office has countless benefits, these benefits could mean nothing if digitized documents and processes aren’t implemented effectively. Every business has different needs, whether it’s a focus on accessibility, security, or compliance. Consequently, there is no “one size fits all” solution for digitizing documents.

Offsite document scanning available on gsa contract 1That’s why we tailor our document scanning services to your needs, not the other way around. Our processes and scanning teams are completely HIPAA compliant and CJIS certified. Have documents that can’t leave your building? We’ll bring our team and equipment to you and scan your documents on-site. There is no need to provide your own scanning equipment, as we own multiple high-speed and high-quality scanners. Click here for more information about our document scanning services and processes.

World Paper Free Day is a great opportunity to start your transition to a business that is less reliant on paper documents. Have questions? We would be more than happy to help you determine if a digital office is right for you. Contact us today.

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