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Creating a solid bid specification and/or RFP saves money and frustration. Often times a client may know what their problem is but does not always know the best solution available. In writing a bid specification, the key to receiving the best value is in the details of the existing conditions. Although it is important to outline a specific scope of work, there are often too many assumptions made throughout the bid process. Additionally, when a client outlines how a project is to be completed, they risk receiving responses that may not be


Southwest Solutions Group/IMS division is often asked to review an RFP/RFQ prior to distribution. One of the biggest mistakes we find is that the client may be very specific on how the project is to be completed and the proposed outcome but very vague about the current conditions. It is critical to request potential vendors to submit their solution to your system by completing a technical proposal. Additionally, reputable vendors should also submit their security and quality control protocols. Although the proposals may take longer to review, it is the only way for a client to establish if a vendor is qualified and experienced. The responses should answer some very basic questions such as:

· Does it tell you the history and experience of the Company and employees?

· Did the vendor show understanding of the problem and adequately and accurately address a solution?

· Are their references relevant to this project with regard to skills and similar processes?

For government bids, you may also want to consider vendors that already have a GSA contract. This provides a baseline of knowledge that the vendor has been through a significant financial and stability process.

Writing a good RFP / RFQ can be challenging but a good spec will reduce the risk of change-orders and alleviate confusion. When we asked the Veteran’s Bureau of Administration why Southwest Solutions Group / IMS was awarded a recent security and time sensitive project, the Director answered; “We knew we could hand this over to you and not have to think about it”.  That’s exactly how to choose the right Vendor!

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