Wire Cages Installed at the Telecom CompanyKeeping information safe and secure is a top priority for any communications company with data servers and network equipment. Putting the servers in a locked room isn’t enough, you need an extra level of security. You need wire cages. The wire cages are an excellent, cost-effective solution to keeping servers secure. Here is how one telecom company used wire cages to secure their data servers and network equipment.

Why the Company Chose Wire Cages

The large telecommunications company provides network cabling and telecommunications infrastructure including fiber optics cabling, splicing, termination, restoration and emergency network response to all kinds of businesses. The most important aspect of providing these services to a large client base is keeping your customers’ data safe, secure, and separated at all times. The expensive servers, along with the customer data stored on them, must be locked down at all times.

Wire Cages Protect Data ServersTo protect their data servers, network equipment, and customer information, the company chose to use wire cages. The wire cages allow for side-by-side storage of multiple server racks while maintaining individual or multiple rack security. By keeping clients’ equipment separated, you control access while benefitting from the shared conveniences of the facility – heating & cooling, fire suppression systems, etc. And all the equipment is visible.

Wire Cages Designed to Meet the Company’s Needs

Standard 8’ high wire partitions were used to wrap around the underside of the overhead cable trays and other electrical equipment used within the facility to create the wire cage. The wire cage ensures controlled access at every point. For access to the secured area, a 6’ wide x 8’ high sliding door was installed to allow for entry of large items such as server racks and other bulky equipment. A built in key lock was implemented for added security.

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