Open file shelving stores records vertically on shelvesVertical Filing Shelves and Stationary Open File Shelving Storage Equipment

Vertical filing shelves and stationary open file shelving provides sturdy and resilient record storage for your office files. Stationary vertical file storage shelves and record filing racks will use less floor space than conventional lateral file cabinets. Also, open file shelving provides storage flexibility to house file folders, record file boxes, and other office supplies. One way that clients like to use open file shelving is to store their archive or inactive file boxes on the upper and lower shelf levels and use the convenient middle shelves for active file storage.

Vertical File Shelves and Open File Shelving Are Available In A Wide Array of Sizes and AccessoriesVertical filing shelves store records on open shelving

Vertical file shelves and open file shelving come in letter and legal depths and a broad variety of widths (24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48”) to maximize any file storage area. There is also a wide range of accessories that can be added to the vertical file shelving like:

• Roll-out posting shelves to provide a work surface to set file folders on when filing

• Hanging file folder compartments with a side lens, much like a top tab hanging file folder but are designed to hang in file shelving units so you don’t have to convert your files to a new folder system.

• Roll up security doors, flipper doors, hinged doors and glass doors for all types of security

• Numerous sizes of roll-out drawers to store all types of files and media

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Compacting Your Records by Mounting Open File Shelving on Tracks

Compacting records on rolling vertical file shelving save floor spaceOne of the nice features of our vertical filing shelves and open file shelving is that they are made ready to mount on to rolling compact storage platforms to save space. What that means for you is that if you should decide to compact the storage of your records in a space saving high density rolling storage system in the future, the vertical filing shelves your purchase today won’t require any modifications.

Benefits of Compacting Records in Rolling Compact Storage Systems

There are many benefits that come with compacting record storage systems such as,Compact rolling record storage systems use vertical open filing shelves to maximize floor space

• Recouping 60% of your file storage floor space (compared to lateral file cabinets)

• Centralizing files into one easy to access area

• Improving productivity with systematic file organization

• Saving money on office lease space

• Quick return on investment

Designers and Planners of Vertical File Shelving and Open Filing Racks

Southwest Solutions Group® has been providing all types of vertical open stationary and compact record storage systems since 1969. Our experienced representatives are knowledgeable in all types of filing methods, as well as code compliance, floor load implications, and layout designs to bring you the best value and efficient solutions. Give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us an email and let us help you plan your vertical filing system.