Tall open filing cabinet storage with Oblique Shelf Organizers

Lateral file cabinets take up a substantial amount of floor space and make documents difficult to find because they are all hidden inside drawers. If you are looking for a more space efficient way to store your files, consider Open Vertical File Shelves. Open File Shelves are tall vertical filing systems that save floor space, increase productivity, and provide a professional image for your office.

Tall Vertical Open Filing Cabinets with Lateral ShelvesTall Vertical Open Filing Cabinets with File Support Separators

Tall vertical open filing cabinets are designed with flexible lateral shelves. The lateral shelves can be installed with ease because you don’t need any special tools, just a rubber mallet. Also, you can add new lateral shelves to reconfigure the shelving units for record boxes and supply storage. There are also numerous accessories to personalize your open shelving cabinets to meet your needs such as,

• Pull-out reference work shelves and posting shelves

• Vertical file dividers and file support separators

• Optional designer end panels

• Lockable flipper doors and roll-up tambour security doors

• Lockable roll-out storage and file drawers

Efficient and Organized File Folder Storage SystemAdd an Oblique Shelf Organizer to Your Open File Shelves to Organize Forms, Literature, and Documents

Organize your open vertical file shelves with Oblique Shelf Organizers from our partner site StoreMoreStore to customize frequently used forms, literature, mail, and more. The Oblique Shelf Organizer unit sits perfectly in your open file shelving. The Shelf Organizer comes with side tab hanging folders with easy to read 6” magnified label holders. The Oblique Folders hang on rails and expand and contract to maximize the available shelf space while keeping your information organized. If you are wondering how you can get this great file organizing product, you can shop for them at our partner store, StoreMoreStore. The Oblique Shelf Organizers are available in standard widths are 33-3/4″, 39-3/4″, and 45-3/4″ with custom sizes available. (click here to shop StoreMoreStore for Oblique Shelf Organizers)

Tall Vertical Open File Shelves Design and Planning AssistanceTall Open Easy to Install Cabinets with adjustable and customizable shelving

We know that setting up a new filing system or overhauling your present filing system takes designing and planning. We specialize in designing and planning tall open filing cabinet systems. Give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 and we will give you a free 30 min assessment for you to see how tall open filing cabinets can save you floor space and increase your productivity.