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As a commercial building architect or designer, you recognize that there are two types of areas in any office space design project. First, there are the purely functional areas. Then, there are the areas where your creative talent and eye for aesthetics can really shine. Floor space that’s devoted to filing cabinets and storage shelving definitely falls into the utilitarian category. Let’s face it, there’s only so much visual interest you can add to a room that’s devoted to files and record boxes. It’s the definition of dull.

High Density Storage Frees Up Floor Spacehigh density mobile storage shelving high density filing systems houston beaumont huntsville galveston

What if you could reduce the footprint needed for filing and storage by 50% and reclaim that floor space for areas much more fun to design? There are lots of things you could do with this “sexy” office floor space. For example, you might increase the size of the front lobby to make it more impressive, install an extra break room or conference room, or simply incorporate an open area that could be used to make the whole office feel more spacious. If your mandate is to design and prepare an office building for workforce growth, designing efficient office filing and storage space with high density file shelving will leave room for more office cubicles. Space efficient high density filing and storage systems make it possible for a business to expand without requiring new construction. It’s always good to have a reputation for being a designer or architect who uses smart solutions that save space, energy, and operational costs.

high density storage shelving racks systems file shelves compact storage space houston texas alvin beaumontHow Does a High Density Solution Work?space efficient high density mobile file shelving saves office floorspace in law offices houston texas beaumont

The concept is elegantly simple. High density storage shelving eliminates wasted space by doing away with individual, static access aisles between each row of shelves. Instead, this innovative shelving allows workers to create a movable access aisle when and where they need it. The shelves or file cabinets are loaded on rolling carriages and set on floor tracks. Some models are moved manually along a track by turning a three-spoke handle. Other high density shelving models are moved automatically with a simple push of a button. Either way, innovative storage and filing solutions save space and gives you plenty of sexy floor space to show off your creative design skills. Watch video on how high density storage can create more sexy office space.

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