Moving from lateral file cabinets to open shelving storage makes sense – just from space savings alone. Lateral cabinets require extra space to open the drawers, and they waste vertical space. On the other hand, as Smead points out, “Consider how many typical folders (about ¼ inch thick) will fit in a 6 foot by 24 foot filing area: four drawer lateral file cabinets – 8448 folders; seven tier open shelving – 15,232 folders.”

Problems Converting Top Tab Folders

But to make the most of open shelving, you need to use an end tab filing system – which means converting your top tab folders. This is where resistance comes in. Your bosses don’t want to have to buy all new folders. Or take the time to physically remove documents out of one folder and put them in a new folder.

Converter Tabs Easily Create an End Tab Filing System

So what can you do? If only there was a simple, cost-effective solution for converting your tab top folders to an end tab filing system. Oh wait…there is! Converter tabs.

Each converter tab is made from durable 14pt manila stock with dual 1.5″ self-adhesive strips for enhanced durability. These heavyweight tabs adhere to any size file folder, jacket, wallet or red rope pocket, offering you the best solution for converting your folders.

Since the converter tabs fit in your existing folders, you’ll save money on supplies. And employees won’t need to waste their time physically moving each and every document within the folder. All they have to do is apply the converter tab.

top-tab folder converter for an end-tab filing system

Benefits of the End Tab Filing System & Open Shelving

Once you’ve made the switch to an end tab filing system, it’s easy to start using and reaping the benefits from open shelving.

  • Takes up 1/3 of the space of lateral file cabinets
  • Is easier for employees to access files
  • There’s no twisting or turning to search through stored files
  • Employees can find what they’re looking for faster
  • Reduces instances of misplaced files
  • Less time is spent opening and closing drawers

Where You’ll Find Converter Tabs and Open Shelving

If you are ready to make the change to an end tab filing system, you’ll find the converter tabs you need online from our partner StoreMoreStore. You’ll also find a wide selection open shelving for letter size folders, legal size folders, and binders. For more information on converting tab top files or to answer any questions, please give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.