demountable office modular walls movable flexible architectural sustainable reusable wall Dallas Fort Worth TexasDemountable Architectural Walls Provide Design Flexibility

Have you ever been involved in a project with a client who keeps changing their mind? That’s one of the most frustrating aspects of working on a building design project since every change impacts costs and scheduling. After the umpteenth modification to the plans for the interior of an office space, you start to wonder if you’ll ever be able to actually give the green light for construction. One way out of this quandary is to consider using demountable movable walls that:

  • Satisfy the functional interior wall needs of an office space and speed construction
  • Offer modular flexibility for reuse and reconfiguration even after the project is complete
  • Have a history of successful use and durability in a wide variety of settings
  • Enhance your ability to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for the project
  • Look more sophisticated and cost less than traditional built-in walls

movable demountable architectural interior glass walls houston dallas austin san antonio kansas city oklahoma little rock memphisMovable Glass Walls are One Clear Office Solution

Besides being some of the most attractive movable walls, demountable glass office wall panels offer another benefit that’s getting a lot of attention. Movable glass walls (see our image gallery here ) increase the amount of light penetration within the office workplace – an effect that’s been linked to better employee satisfaction. You can see this on a small scale with all the cubicles that feature glass tiles these days. But actual modular glass office walls (whether full height or half panel) take this to a new level. You may actually find your overall lighting costs decrease when you remove the barriers presented by solid wall construction.

sustainable movable walls architectural designed demountable interior glass wallsEasy to Reconfigure Demountable Movable Walls

Yes, movable walls are easy to reconfigure, especially compared to tearing down built-in walls. Imagine not having to deal with the construction dust and noise created from traditional remodeling, or the extended workforce disruption to your office. The latest generation of demountable modular wall designs includes track and stud systems with snap fit wall panels. These are even easier to reconfigure than older moavable wall models.

sustainable modular wall design architectural interior walls movable scalable houston dallas austin san antonio kansas city oklahoma little rock memphisSustainable Demountable Architectural Walls

In Europe, demountable architectural walls are used in some buildings for all internal walls – and some of these buildings are as high as 15 stories! This is a good indication that demountable architectural walls are fully capable of functioning like traditional wall construction from the perspective of structural integrity. These sustainable office walls are designed to be reused over and over when renovating instead of ending up as landfill waste. This makes architectural modular walls an excellent choice for the environment and to earn LEED points.

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