Are Lateral Filing Cabinets Taking Over Your Office?

traditional file cabinets Drawer legal lateral file cabinet dallas abilene fort worth plano texarkana tyler texas waco temple killeenBuying another vertical or lateral file cabinet? If you are like most companies, these lateral file cabinets seem to have a mind of their own. They want to take over your business by hogging all your floor space and energy costs, forcing your employees into cramped quarters. When you started your business, you never envisioned that those cute little filing cabinets in the corner would someday dominate your office floor space. But, then it happened, they started reproducing and reproducing until now you’re sitting here searching for a better alternative to make your office more space efficient.

Office Space Relief from Lateral File Cabinet DominationSpacesaver® Bi-file tracks Rolling shelving Track shelving San Antonio Corpus Christi Brownsville McAllen Victoria Harlingen Del Rio Laredo Edinburg McAllen New Braunfels

There are several ways to recapture your office floor space while maintaining an efficient filing system. The easiest method is to take your existing lateral file cabinets and place them onto Spacesaver® Bi-file tracks. The Bi-file sliding track system allows you to place cabinets one in front of the other, two to three deep. The lateral file cabinets are mounted on floor tracks (in front of stationary cabinets) and slide left to right. To access the back file cabinets, simply slide the front cabinet to the left or right. The Spacesaver Bi-file sliding track system can reduce your filing floor space requirements by as much as 50% depending on the number of filing cabinets and layout.

lateral file cabinets high density mobile storage system Kansas City Wichita Topeka Overland Park Olathe Lawrence Shawnee Manhattan Salina Lenexa Columbia St JosephAnother option is Spacesaver’s high density mobile file shelving. High density mobile file shelving can reduce your filing floor space requirements by up to 66%. Besides floor space savings, high density shelving is flexible allowing you to store record boxes, notebooks and office supplies as well as files.

How High Density Cabinets Can Save You Space and Money

Here is a good example of the efficiency of Spacesaver high density mobile filing cabinets (view video here). If you were to purchase 61 lateral filing cabinets, they would provide 813 feet of filing at an estimated cost of $43,000. Not only have you wasted valuable office floor space, you’ve wasted money. For $11,000 less, you could purchase one high density mobile file storage system that has the same filing capacity and takes up 60% less floor space. You can now use the freed up office floor space to add conference room or new workstation cubicles.

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Regardless of which filing cabinet system you choose, your office will be more space and energy efficient. Call us today at 1-800-803-1083 and let us provide you with space saving calculations and budget figures for you filing storage area.