Relocating to a smaller space within a facility or college doesn’t have to be a challenge with the help of adaptable cabinets featuring secure storage for valuable study aids. Optimizing storage using an anatomy lab cabinet means eliminating cumbersome storage boxes and the need to move things around to retrieve what you need in storage spaces. Instead, you’ll have storage for dedicated items, even if you’re working in a significantly smaller space.

This guide outlines how the Southwest Solutions Group anatomy cabinet is ideal for optimizing space with efficient and secure storage. Integrating these options within facilities allows professors and researchers to create highly functional and safe learning environments.

Understanding Anatomy Lab Cabinets

Lab cabinetsEducational and research facilities need cabinets, drawers, and lab tables to complete coursework or conduct research. Some cabinets can install into under-utilized lab areas, while other solutions must install into separate storage areas.

Each Southwest Solutions Group anatomy lab cabinet features frame-mounted doors in various applications suited to meet your needs. You’ll find three door types, including:

Single-wall:  You’ll find these doors available as a solid panel with interior support reinforcements. As a fundamental choice for secure storage, choosing this option means no one can see what’s behind the doors.

Double-wall: These cabinet doors are available with four types of door panels, including aligned diamond-perforated, louvered panels, offset diamond-perforated and solid options. Depending on your visibility needs, these distinct options are critical. For example, if you don’t need visibility, the louvered and solid panel doors are optimal. If you want to increase visibility, opt for the aligned diamond-perforated panels. And, if you need to restrict visibility, the offset diamond-perforated panels are the best choice. Learn more about lab casework.

Window: Each door features an external welded panel that includes four internal supports. You’ll find four different panel types for window-mounted doors. They include acrylic, diamond-perforated, glass, and single round-perforated panels. Choosing acrylic or glass means you’ll have complete visibility. If you opt for diamond-perforated or single round-perforated panels, you’ll increase ventilation and visibility.

Why Facilities Use Anatomy Lab Cabinets

It isn’t uncommon for facilities to move into new and smaller spaces within their existing buildings. In these situations, staff needs to find ways to optimize storage for delicate items and other materials. In the case of anatomy, that might include needing secure storage for delicate and expensive human bones.

For example, the facility may have previously stored these materials in storage boxes. However, even though the storeroom was secure, the system may have been too cumbersome—requiring staff members to move many boxes before reaching the one they needed to retrieve.

Suppose this situation occurred in a college where professors had to move into a space that was 30% smaller than the lab they were currently using. That’s where using anatomy lab cabinets become the ideal solution. Facilities must start by assessing the area they must move into, the study aids that must move into the new space, and any other storage for delicate items. Then, decide if these cabinets should include adjustable shelving heights, glass-front window doors, and locks for added security.

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The next step is determining how to set up additional storage areas. Because this hypothetical situation calls for professors to move into a significantly smaller space, they’ll need to incorporate cabinets with sold-panel doors in a separate secure storage room. That way, they can keep collections and study aids accessible, organized and secure while simultaneously eliminating the need for storage boxes.

Additional campus and research lab storage include:

Equipment and research collection storage cabinets: store lab equipment of all sizes, keep equipment accessible and organized, and protect your investment

Lab shelving for chemical storage: see what you have in storage while simultaneously promoting security and ventilation and increasing storage capacities

Benefits and Features of Anatomy Lab Cabinets

Thanks to its modular and sturdy frame coupled with a reconfigurable interior, these anatomy lab cabinets offer a unique combination of strength and versatility. Fit the cabinet with trays, and then reconfigure the cabinets with accessories, drawers, or hanging rods as needs change years down the road. You can also bolt cabinets together, mount them, or stack them to increase storage capacity within the same footprint.

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Additional benefits include:

  • Proven performance: These cabinets improve protection even in extreme conditions (like fire and smoke), maintain a stable microclimate, and include water mitigation
  • Quality: Five-year warranty, heavy-duty steel, made in the USA
  • Versatility: Interiors are adjustable and reconfigurable and their adjustable sizing allows you to maximize the use of your space

The anatomy lab cabinet is available with frame-mounted doors with multiple applications, which provide a broad range of storage solutions. Combine each door type—double-wall, single-wall, or window—to create a complete lineup that includes distinct features and options. When using case-type shelving and welded cabinets in conjunction with frame-mounted doors, you create adaptable and flexible cabinets. Use them as mobile or static shelving applications.

Additional features include: Lab storage cabinets

  • Configuration: Anatomy lab cabinets create storage solutions using frame-mounted doors on four posts with case-type shelving and welded cabinets. There are unlimited configuration options. You can configure these units with stacked doors, which creates multiple cabinets within a single shelving system.
  • Customization: Besides the options already available, the cabinet’s frame-mounted doors include various panel options and paint colors to match your facility’s interiors.
  • Rigidity: The frame-mounted doors on each cabinet have unrivaled durability and strength thanks to their four-sided frame design and 18 or 20-gauge steel construction.
  • Security: Cabinet security is available through various lock options, including electronic locks, key locks, or no locks for each door type. An additional hasp is available for padlock options on double-wall and window doors.
  • Versatility: You have unlimited cabinet configuration options with the various door size, handles, locks, paint colors, and panel sizes available.

Technical Specifications and Design

Podiatry is treating ankle, foot, and related structures of a person’s lower leg—a demanding discipline requiring students to participate in years of coursework before receiving certification. The hands-on study of human bones is an integral part of the curriculum in anatomy labs. That way, students can gain a complete understanding of the foot’s function and structure. Learn more about modular laboratory workstations, tables and benches.

Even though cabinets have many similarities, anatomy cabinets feature unmatched flexibility, local support, and quality. Southwest Solutions Group storage solutions include adjustable cabinets providing engaging displays and storage in the students’ anatomy lab. Students also have access to study aids and collections in a storage room featuring secure storage options.


Colleges, universities, and other research facilities requiring storage for delicate materials benefit from the anatomy lab cabinets. This reality is especially true when space is at a premium and professors must find innovative storage solutions to help maximize space within an existing footprint. Southwest Solutions Group solves your facility’s design and installation challenges with secure storage solutions. Call one of our storage specialists today at 1-866-446-3109, or contact us on our website!