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Mailroom Furniture, Mail Sorters, Mail Tables, Mail Slots For Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Pensacola, Naples, and Tallahassee Florida

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Modular mailroom furniture and mailroom sorting equipment is easy to adjust and flexible to meet the changing needs of your mailcenter. A well designed mailroom ensures safe and efficient flow of documents through your organization to their final destination. Below are some features of a well designed mailroom furniture.

A wide range heights, depths and widths of mailroom tables, mailroom sorters, and accessories

Easily adjustable mailroom table heights to accommodate standing (36”) or sitting heights (30”)

Easily adjustable mail cubbies and shelf openings

Easy to read label holders that securely fasten to sorter shelves and are easy to change. These label holders do not stick on the adjustable shelves. They clip on so you can easily change the label.

Mailroom shelves that incorporate color recognition for quick identification and accurate sorting to the proper mailroom cubby or slot

Lots of options to increase efficiency and mailroom security (doors, drawers, etc…)

No sharp metal shelf edges to injury fast moving hands

Mailroom Tables, Mailroom Sorters, Cabinets, and Satellite Sort Stations for Florida

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Southwest Solutions Group offers a complete line of mailroom furniture for Florida including:

Mail sorting tables and cabinets

Mail risers

Mail sorters

Presort and bulk sort mail stations

Satellite sort mail stations

Drawers for pens, labels, paper clips, and other mailroom supplies

Mailroom bags, mail totes and supplies