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saving space with automated storage systems in automotive departments

saving space in automotive departments with asrs vertical lifts and carouselsIf you're still storing your automotive parts in bulky, static storage shelving and racks, then it's very likely that your employees are spending more time searching for the right parts and trying to make sense of your organization system than they are servicing customers. Whether you're building a new facility or adding to an existing one, saving space in automotive departments with small parts, tool, and die handling solutions can be easy and efficient with ergonomic automated storage systems.

storing small parts, tools, dies in space saving storage

Installing automated storage and retrieval systems eliminate moving and expansion costs while increasing customer service and satisfaction. If you're planning a new facility, then installing AS/RS systems helps reduce costs associated with construction, taxes, utilities, and security by allowing you to build only the space that you require. For existing facilities, small parts, tool, and die handling solutions eliminate expansion and moving costs by recovering previously occupied floor space. The recovered floor space can then be used to store more parts or for revenue-generating areas.

small parts tool die handling solutions with automated vertical lifts and carousels

Vertical carousels and lifts can convert up to 85% of wasted parts bin floor space into revenue-generating areas. The parts lifts and carousels save space in automotive departments by maximizing previously unused vertical air space, freeing up floor space for other uses. For example, 42 traditional bays of standard shelving generally requires about 468 square feet of floor space. A 20' tall vertical carousel, which can store the same amount of parts, however, only requires about 97 square feet of floor space.

benefits of saving space in automotive departments with AS/RS systems

There are many revenue-generating and space-saving benefits that come with automated small parts, tools, and die handling solutions, including:

  • Creating additional sales offices to sell more vehicles
  • Increasing the number of service bays and mechanics
  • Turns multiple spare parts areas into one productive space
  • Consolidation of multiple facilities to reduce parts inventory, special tools, required personnel, taxes, etc.
  • Can easily be added to as your parts department inventory grows
  • Delay or eliminate costly floor space requirement expenses
  • Easy access to parts allows workers to be more efficient and productive
  • Reduced physical walk and search time increases worker productivity and satisfaction while reducing worker compensation claims from job-related injury
  • Saves valuable managerial time for parts managersergonomic vertical lifts and carousels saving space in automotive departments

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