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Last updated: July 09, 2019

Hockey Organization Needs Solution for Storing Equipment

hockey organization's rolling mobile shelvingFootball may be the sport of the south and basketball the preference for the Midwest, but up north, it’s all about hockey. So when a national hockey organization moved into a new facility, they needed the right solution for equipment storage. To ensure every piece of equipment was stored properly and to maximize space in the new facility, the organization chose rolling mobile shelving. In total, they installed four rolling mobile shelving systems because they worked so well for every type of equipment. (read more about high density storage systems)

How the Equipment Was Stored in Rolling Mobile Shelving

rolling mobile shelving storing hockey equipmentThe first installation featured a rolling mobile shelving system designed primarily for jersey storage and hockey stick storage. The second housed smaller items such as replacement skate blades and blade holders in the Equipment Manager’s main workroom. The third mobile shelving system stores larger playing equipment, like helmets, gloves and pants, along with an additional section for storing day-to-day administrative type of items. And lastly, a system was installed in the Administrative area for general office and memorabilia.

The rolling mobile shelving system the hockey organization chose is powered. Because it’s powered, the organization was able to use electronic touchpad locks, which was used to limit access and protect the valuable gear. Another reason the hockey organization chose a powered system was the added safety features. The system has infrared safety systems that provide passive protection for both stored items and users.

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