Automate Medical Supply Management With Restocking Card System

Are you tired of dealing with stock that is managed in bulk with replenishment dependant on manual reporting and restocking by warehouse staff that is not always synched with your department’s needs, increasingly decentralized inventory, or a large amount of manual labor to restock PAR levels? Then you need to see what the Spacesaver StockBox can do for you. With the StockBox, you can stop spending money on automated cabinets that put your nursing staff through a lot of unnecessary work actions for low value inventory in your healthcare system. This easy restocking card system will save hospital staff time and reduce the headaches associated with inefficient inventory management. The StockBox system can eliminate hoarding, inventory challenges, counting, multiple trips to the supply rooms while lowering overall costs to the hospital network and solving expiration date issues in healthcare.



Call us today at 1-800-803-1083 to learn more about this quick access solution for your nursing staff that saves a lot of time and helps increase patient care.


Craig Crock

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