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Oblique Hanging File Compartments Filing and Large Oversized Document Storage Systembuy oblique folders in legal letter oversized and more online

Oblique Hanging File Compartment Filing and Storage System are vertical hanging compartments with a 6″ magnified side label. Oblique Hanging File Compartments are like a pendaflex file with the label on the side instead of the top. The Oblique Hanging File Compartment Filing concept allows you to save valuable floor space compared to traditional storage and filing methods.

Oblique Hanging Pendaflex Compartment Applications

Oblique Hanging File Compartment Filing and Storage System has a wide range of unique applications including letter/legal files, forms, mail sorting, newspapers, periodicals, sheet music, large oversized artwork, and plan drawings. Need a special size? Oblique has over 80 different sizes of compartments and will make specials.

Oblique Hanging Pendaflex Compartments Save Space

Oblique Hanging File Compartments conform to the shape and capacity of your materials so no space is wasted. Hanging rail assemblies allow Oblique file compartments to be installed virtually anywhere even in your existing shelving units! Shelving, cabinets, mobile systems, vertical carousels, rotary cabinets, homemade shelving, etc. you name it we can install it.

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