Oblique’s Direct File Transfer (DFT) allows you to enjoy the benefits of high density shelf filing while controlling the costs associated with a file conversion. Normally, when files are moved from cabinets, they have been stored in top-tab folders designed for use in drawers. When files are moved to high density, shelf-based, systems, these tabs are hidden from sight and no longer serve their original purpose. The typical solution to this problem is to “convert” files from top to end-tab folders. buy Oblique hanging file folder pocket online

A file conversion generally requires existing folders to be discarded and replaced with new end-tab folders. New indexing is also needed as part of the conversion. Today’s technology has replaced old “sticky tab” labels with a single preprinted Mylar strip which adheres to the end-tab and can include text, color coding, and bar coding. This can be an expensive process. Each file has to be physically moved to a new folder, and each Mylar strip label has to be applied to that

folder. Care must be taken that no file is placed in the wrong folder as they could be lost forever.

DFT allows this process to be delayed, implemented on a “day forward” basis, or avoided altogether. Because the indexing in built into the system, files are “directly transferred” (hence the name) into the system without the need to convert existing folders. The system includes indexes every three to four inches. This reduces your search area and speeds retrieval of files. If necessary, you can then convert files on a “day forward” basis (i.e., change file folders as active files are pulled from the system). This conversion method saves you time and money as inactive files are left in their original folders and are eventually archived. In the end, you can have the system you want:

! with full height, full depth flexible dividers and lighter weight than steel shelves with dividers; ! without the downtime typically associated with a file

conversion; ! without retraining staff on use of a new indexing method; ! without investing money in conversion of inactive files; ! and for a lot less money than a full conversion.

Although Oblique costs more than steel shelves with dividers, the savings in new folders and reduced labor required to convert files more than makes up the difference! The advantages of the Oblique DFT systems are obvious. If you are running out of space, you need to move to a high density, space efficient filing system. However, don’t get talked into buying more than you need when it comes to your files. Oblique’s DFT will save you time, space, and money, but give you the organization and indexing you need to quickly locate, retrieve, and refile important documents. If you’re converting your files, convert wisely.


Compartments available (some available on the store or call for pricing) We have Oblique Hanging File Folders with Plastic and Metal Hooks that go on Rods or supports in shelving.  Part numbers available include F4 LC X4 X4-L Art41 Art38 Art35 Art30 Art24 Art22 Art17 Art15 X3 X3SL 

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