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Replace the Manual Process of Counting and Re-ordering with Automationautomated medical supply re-ordering system

Manual processes are time-consuming and error prone. Counting and re-ordering medical supplies takes nurses away from where they are really needed – with their patients. Inventory management software is designed to replace these manual processes. The automated medical supply re-ordering system uses RFID tags and a Kanban storage system to easily and efficiently manage the re-ordering process.

6 Steps for Using the Automated Medical Supply Re-Ordering System

The automated medical supply re-ordering system standardizes and speeds up the restocking process in just 6 easy steps.

  1. Kanban Storage System:  A “two-bin” Kanban system is made up of a primary bin and a secondary bin for each SKU. Bins can be positioned left-to-right, front-to-back, or up-to-down.
  2. RFID Stock Card Setup: Every set of two-bins is set with a digital stock card that has an embedded RFID tag encoded with the supply details (i.e. type, quantity, location).
  3. Consumption: Medical supplies are pulled from the primary bin first. Primary bin is typically marked as “1” and the secondary as “2”.
  4. Re-order: When the primary bin is empty click on the “restock” button. A green light will start blinking and information will be displayed.  
  5. Central Storage Pick List: The central storage team creates a pick list according to items used in the supply rooms. The system can also create requisition in the hospital’s ERP application.
  6. Replenishment Confirmation: Personnel present their badge ID and press on the “out of stock” and “restock” buttons, after which the green light will stop blinking.

Automated Medical Supply Re-Ordering System Features kanban storage with the rfid medical supply re-ordering system

Transitioning to the automated medical supply re-ordering system is extremely simple because it requires very few changes to your existing infrastructure. Additionally the system:

  • Can be positioned on any bin type
  • Has on-tag support color coding
  • Fits any supply room
  • Supports multiple supply areas in one department
  • Displays online replenishment  status

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