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storing files coeur d'alene lewiston post fallsHigh density rolling compact shelving racks are an efficient and innovative method for storing files in less space and with a greater storage capacity. The shelving saves space by eliminating the need for extra aisle space between rows and can cut your storage space in half or double your storage capacity in the same footprint as static shelving and cabinets. Rolling compact shelving racks are available to all types of businesses for storing files and other office supplies or inventory in Coeur d'Alene, Lewiston, Post Falls, and throughout the state of Idaho.

types of rolling compact shelving

Aisles take up the most space in shelving, and 80% of this space isn't being used at any given time. Rolling compact shelving racks replace this wasted space with dynamic mobile storage that allows you to both reduce your storage footprint and increase your storage capacity in the same space. To save on costs, the rolling compact shelving racks can be installed on the tracks with either new or existing shelves and cabinets. The three types of operation for rolling compact shelves include manual, mechanical-assist, and powered.

  • Manual: The high density manual units are rolled on tracks by pulling a handle to access aisles. Manual systems are ideal for low-activity filing systems, short shelving, or cabinet rows.high density rolling compact shelving racks coeur d'alene lewiston post falls
  • Mechanical-assist: The user turns an ergonomic three-spoke hand crank to access an aisle. No pushing or pulling required. Mechanical-assist shelving systems work well up to about 24'.
  • Powered push-button: Easiest to use and come with the widest variety of safety features. Aisles open automatically with just the push of a button, and safety features prevent the aisles from closing when there are obstructions in the aisle. Ideal for when several users are accessing the same filing or storage system or when users are unfamiliar with high density storage systems, with long shelving and cabinet rows, and when automatic features such as higher security, lighting, and air and dust control are needed.

The high density rolling compact shelving racks can be used for storing files, record boxes, office supplies, digital media, and much more. With adjustable shelving, the applications are virtually endless.

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