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Last updated: June 19, 2020
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Spacesaver® XTend™ Mobile High Bay Shelving Maximizes Off-site Storage Space

Available on Sourcewell State Cooperative Purchasing Contract Organizations such as libraries and government record centers are under pressure to find new ways to get more storage out of less space. One thing these organizations are doing to solve their storage space problems is investing in off-site storage facilities. The off-site facilities are using high capacity condense storage shelving for library repositories and archival record boxes. The Spacesaver XTend Mobile High Bay Shelving is designed to maximize storage in a very small floor space storage footprint. The XTend mobile high bay storage system maximizes the use of off-site storage facilities with these archival box racks that save on energy consumption costs.

Features of the Spacesaver XTend Mobile High Bay Storage System

  • High Capacity/High Efficiency Storage: With the shelving reaching up to 35 feet high with up to 30 tiers of shelving.
  • Adjustable Shelving: Made specifically for archival storage the shelves are easily adjustable in 1/64” increments.
  • Protective Safety Features: The Photo Sweep® system stops carriage motion instantly when a person or object is detected in an open aisle.
  • High Retrieval Efficiency: Safely embedded in your concrete floor, integrated guidance wires ensure straight, safe travel for high-lift order picker vehicles.
  • Large Diameter Wheels: Precision machined solid steel, 6” diameter load and drive wheels roll to ensure maintenance free operation and prevent premature wear.
  • Soft Start & Soft Start Mobile Carriage: DC powered motors ensure carriages start and stop softly and eliminate jarring and jostling of stored materials.
  • Easy User Operation: Three simple buttons control all XTend storage system movement and an infrared remote option maximizes user convenience.

Send us a message or call us today at 1-800-803-1083 for a free space assessment to find out how a Spacesaver XTend Mobile High Bay Storage System can maximize your off-site storage facility’s floor space.


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