Museum Houses Largest Permanent Moving Image Artifacts Collection

automated retrieval cabinet reduces museum storage areaA New York museum houses the nation’s largest permanent collection of moving image artifacts. The collection numbers more than 95,000 artifacts that have been acquired from studios, artists and collectors from around the world. In order to manage the large and growing collection, the museum replaced 12 four-drawer file cabinets with one automated retrieval cabinet.  

By using the automated retrieval cabinet the museum effectively reduced storage floor space, increased access to the collection, better protected its irreplaceable photographs from the environment, and provided a secure storage area that restricts unauthorized usage.

Automated Retrieval Cabinets Reduced the Museum’s Storage Area

The automated retrieval cabinet, controlled by an electronic keypad, consists of an enclosed series of vertically rotating roll-out hanging file drawers. It provides more than 1,200 linear file inches of storage, saving approximately 40% of floor space compared to the vertical file cabinets the museum was previously using for storage.see revit drawings and specifications for vertical file carousels;

automated retrieval cabinet with roll-out hanging file drawersAutomated Retrieval Cabinet Ensures Easy Access to Stored Photos

Before the installation of the automated retrieval cabinet meeting the demand for photos used in exhibits and publications required staff to locate the correct file cabinet and then locate the photograph. This manual process took up a large amount of time and sometimes caused misfiles when photos were replace.

Now, photos and slides are placed in protective covers and filed alphabetically by production title. An index was created to cross-reference the photograph with the roll-out drawer location. When a photo is needed, the museum staff simply review the index and key in the drawer location. The automated retrieval cabinet delivers the correct roll-out drawer in seconds, at waist level, for easy location and removal.

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