Military Weapons Racks & RFID Weapons Tracking for high-Security Military Storage

Secure your weapons, ammunition, optics, radios, and other critical gear with Spacesaver high-security Military Weapons Racks. Weapons Storage Racks are used by military police, firearm training facilities, and unit and battalion armories to provide space-efficient secure storage. Weapons Rack interiors are flexible to accommodate a variety of lengths and types of weapons and gear in any unit. Spacesaver Universal Weapons Racks store over 50 styles of weapons in an adjustable cabinet that changes as your weapons requirements change. The units are fully stackable to maximize armory storage space. All units can be ganged together without the use of chains. Additional security through an RFID Weapons Tracking system provides you with an audit trail of your entire armory.

Transportable Weapon Racks

Weapons Racks can be designed with a heavy-duty caster for quick weapon mobility. Weapons are held securely in place meeting TACOM security requirements so there is no reason to zero them in.

High-density armory weapon racks storage


High-security Armory Weapons Storage Systems store weapons in high-density mobile storage systems to keep all your weapons in one convenient, central location. Armory storage systems double your storage capacity to save space and maximize weapons storage floor space. Armory storage systems have PIN-controlled access touchpad security systems to control access of authorized personnel.

RFID weapons Tracking management solutions

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) management and tracking of weapons and other gear provide an audit trail as to who, what, when, and where of weapons inventory. RFID tracking is achieved by placing special RFID tags within the weapons themselves. The tag is passive and does not emit a signal. The tag number is linked to the weapon serial number. When the RFID Reader ‘reads’ weapons, the radio wave powers the RFID transmitter (within the label). Once powered, the RFID label within the weapon sends a message to the RFID Reader with the message: “I am this weapon with this serial number and at this location”.

Portable RFID Readers are used to rapidly inventory weapons and other gear, and find items that are misplaced or missing. Portable RFID Readers can read any weapons within a few feet of the reader. Misplaced weapons can be found by entering the weapon serial number into a portable RFID Reader. When the reader comes within a few feet of the weapon the reader will beep when the misplaced weapon is located. Fixed RFID Readers are placed at Armory doorways to read items passing into and out of the Armory.

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