Military Office Filing Equipment Solutions

Innovative Military Office Filing Equipment Solutions save floor space and increase productivity to make your facility more efficient. These office filing equipment solutions are designed to be much more space efficient than traditional four and five drawer file cabinets. In addition, these innovative filing solutions will help you locate files quicker and ensure files are not misplaced when using the filing equipment in conjunction with color coded file folders. Color coding file folders increases productivity by organizing file folder names using color recognition to help personnel find the folder they are looking for quicker. Unlike traditional black type on white file folder labels, these colored labels will make misplaced files easy to identify when out of place.

Rolling Mobile Filing Equipment Solutions for Military Facilities

If you really want to maximize your floorspace, then consider rolling mobile filing equipment. Putting your stationary filing equipment on rolling mobile platforms that roll back and forth on tracks can dramatically reduce your floorspace requirements. These rolling mobile filing systems convert static access aisles into one or more movable access aisles depending on your activity level. Rolling mobile filing equipment can reduce the floorspace requirement by as much as 66% compared to traditional drawer file cabinets.

Designing Office Filing Equipment for Your Military Office

We have been helping the military design the right filing equipment solutions for their offices since 1969. You can find our filing equipment and professional services on Federal Supply Schedule GSA contracts including SDV contracts, SBA contracts, & Alaska Native 8(a) vehicles to meet your requirements. For more information about our innovative office filing equipment send us a message or call us toll free 1-800-803-1083 to speak with your local representative.