Maximize Space and Reduce Operating Costs to Increase Profitsmaximize floor space with spinning horizontal carousels

Wasted ceiling height, wasted aisle space, and wasted shelf space increase manufacturing operating costs. In turn, the efficient use of storage space translates to higher productivity, more room for value added activities, and less money spent on manufacturing operating costs. If you’re looking for a solution to maximize space and reduce operating costs, then Spinning Horizontal Carousels are the solution. These automated storage machines will compact your storage space and increase productivity in your facility. (view images of Spinning Horizontal Carousels) Click here to learn more about the 5 key benefits of horizontal carousels.

Spinning Horizontal Carousels Can Recoup 60% of Your Storage Floor Space

Recently, a manufacturer replaced their stationary shelving with Spinning Horizontal Carousels to make room for a new manufacturing line. The manufacturer was looking to expand their building to make room for the new manufacturing line, but when they realized that Spinning Horizontal Carousels would reduce their storage floor space by 60%, they changed their minds. The Spinning Horizontal Carousels were able to maximize their floor space reducing the cost by half of the projected building expansion costs without as much disruption and downtime to their business. (See videos see videos)

spinning horizontal carousels reduce operating costs by saving space

The Spinning Horizontal Carousels maximize floor space by compacting the storage of materials. The carousels are able to compact storage by bringing parts to the operator and eliminating storage access aisles in the storage area. The carousel shelving units rotate around to deliver parts to the operator at a central workstation. Since parts are brought to the operator, there is no wasted time spent walking and searching for parts. These two factors allow employees to pull parts faster and with greater accuracy, which increases employee productivity.

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