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Large oversized commercial fans, directional fans, and wind turbines work separately or together to lower temperatures and remove indoor pollutants. These energy-efficient fans and turbines help to improve productivity by keeping employees healthy.

High-Velocity Low-Speed Fans

High-velocity low-speed (HVLS) reversible fans are designed to regulate temperatures to enhance comfort while using less energy in large commercial facilities.   go back to the top

HVLS Fans, Directional Fans, & Turbines Overview (read more)

Better Efficiency with HVLS Oversized Fans (read more)


HVLS Fan Controller Panel (read more)

7' Directional Fans

Bi-Directional fans are perfect for cooling down smaller spaces up to 200’ long x 35’ wide.   go back to the top

Two-directional 7-Foot Fan Overview (read more)

Roof Wind Turbines

Roof exhaust turbines help protect the safety of employees by removing dangerous fumes and cooling-off building interiors.   go back to the top

Wind-Powered Exhaust Turbines Overview (read more)

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