Library Shelving Accessories

Spacesaver® library shelving is flexible and adjustable. With over 1,200 Library Shelving Accessories you can practically adjust your shelving for any type of stored materials. Some of the Spacesaver library shelving accessories include:

  • Numerous types of shelves including solid steel, wire, plastic, wood, and more
  • Custom shelving inserts like roll-out posting shelves, vertical dividers, and roll-out drawers to customize your storage requirements
  • Suspended pockets/hanging compartments for files and forms
  • Numerous types of doors including Lockable flipper doors, hinged doors, roll down doors (up to 10′ wide)
  • Countertops for counter high units

Spacesaver Library Shelving is Flexible and Adjustable to Meet Your Changing Needs

Spacesaver library shelving is adjustable to change as your needs change. For example, Spacesaver standard library storage shelving can be easily modified in widths, heights, and depths to store any sized materials from a cd to 24″ long record storage boxes. Spacesaver shelving is so flexible that it is the only shelving your company will ever need. Whether you are storing files, boxes, binders, books, parts, supplies, and anything else you can think of. All of our shelving solutions are also pre-engineered to be placed on high-density mobile compact equipment for future expansion.

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See specifications and pricing for library shelving, art racks, bookcases.  Various options for wall mounted shelving for books may include a wall mounted shelf, floating bookshelf, hanging bookshelf, open shelf.

Library Storage Shelving Planning and Design Assistance

Southwest Solutions Group® has been designing library shelving systems since 1969. Our professional representatives are ready to assist you with your project needs from design to installation. We represent numerous purchasing contracts including GSA, TXMAS, Sourcewell (formerly NJPA), and numerous private purchasing agreements.

For more information on library shelving accessories, send us a message or call us today at 1-800-803-1083 to speak with your local library representative.


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