Legal File Equipment Storage Shelving

Legal File Equipment or File Wall Storage Shelving saves space and increases productivity for your law firm. Legal file wall shelving is more efficient than traditional four and five-drawer legal file cabinets. File wall legal shelving will also increase productivity when using color-coded file folders because color-coding files and records organizes them so files can be found quicker. Unlike traditional black on white file labels, when files are accidentally misplaced in a legal shelving system they are is easy to identify as being out of place.

Legal Rolling File Shelving and Legal Rolling File Walls

Legal file wall shelving can be put on rolling track carriages that move back and forth to dramatically reduce your floorspace. These rolling file wall systems are called “Rolling File Wall Shelving”, “Sliding File Wall Shelving” or “Mobile File Wall Shelving”. Rolling legal file shelving can reduce the floorspace required for filing by as much as 66% compared to traditional legal file cabinets. File wall shelving and rolling file wall shelving can store other items as well – not just files. We can store anything on file wall shelving from books to boxes to pallets.

Designing Legal File Wall Shelving Systems

We have been helping design file wall shelving systems since 1969. Our experience in designing and installing legal file wall shelving is backed by over 5,000 satisfied clients. We would love to add your law firm to our list of satisfied legal clients. Contact us today and we will help you design a legal file wall shelving system that will make your law firm more efficient.