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industrial-grade fans Austin College Station Bryan San Marcos Temple Brenham Kerrville FredericksburgDid you know that studies show that for every degree above 77ºF, productivity drops by 2%? Without a proper ventilation system, being uncomfortable could be the least of your worries–you could also be facing costly worker’s compensation claims due to heat-related injury, sickness, slipping, and even equipment failure due to condensation and humidity. Furthermore, a more comfortable environment means more productive employees. We offer industrial-grade fans for your cooling and heating ventilation systems in Austin, College Station, Bryan, San Marcos, Temple, Brenham, and throughout the state of Texas.

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A wide variety of fans are available for your cooling and heating ventilation systems to suit your specific needs, no matter the size of your facility–even if you have restrictions that leave you unable to hang a fan from the ceiling. All industrial-grade fans are extremely quiet and energy efficient, so you can experience year-round savings no matter what type of fan you choose.

Large diameter HVLS fans: Large diameter industrial-grade fans are built specifically to cover large areas with constantly moving airflows. These fans are perfect heating for both summer cooling and winter heating since, unlike competitive HVLS fans, these fans can be run in reverse at the same efficiency and without negatively impacting the 15-year warranty. The fans de-stratify uneven temperatures, reduce condensation, operate quietly, are energy efficient, and are inexpensive to operate. Tubercle-style blades allow the fans to move more air with less blades and less noise.

cooling heating ventilation systems Austin College Station Bryan San Marcos Temple Brenham Kerrville Fredericksburg

7ft directional fans: These industrial-grade fans are perfect if your facility can’t accommodate a large diameter HVLS fan and are perfect for high rack aisles. The adjustable air foils allow you to customize your air flow, which can be configured for one or two-directional setup. The directional fans can be mounted on a steel post or building column or suspended from the ceiling.

Exhaust turbines: The exhaust turbine fans are virtually silent and are completely wind-driven, which means they require no electrical or wiring costs. The turbines help reduce temperatures by exhausting heat trapped in the ceiling and replacing it with cool air overnight. The turbines also exhaust air pollutants and fumes that can be harmful to your employees. They are specifically designed to stand up to adverse weather for long-lasting use.

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services of industrial-grade fans for cooling and heating ventilation systems for a wide variety of facilities, including manufacturing, warehousing, agricultural, recreational, and commercial. Services are available to businesses in Austin, College Station, Bryan, San Marcos, Temple, and Brenham. SSG will even provide a free consultation to determine your exact needs before the installation process begins. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at (512) 336-1328 or send us a message today.

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