datum filing storage shelving cabinets security cartsSouthwest Solutions Group designs and installs Datum and Supreme filing shelving cabinets, specialty storage products, and technical computer furniture in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, Abilene, Waco, and throughout the state of Texas. Datum’s eco-friendly products are durable and efficient to meet your storage needs (view our image galleries).

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Datum File Shelving and Supreme Office Storage Cabinets

Datum and Supreme have a variety of file shelving cabinets available to save floor space and keep your office organized and running efficiently.

  • 4Post™ Shelving- These versatile commercial quality shelves snap together without the need of tools making adjustment easy and quick. Datum 4Post™ is flexible to store a variety of media including file folders, binders, books, record storage boxes, office supplies and a lot more.
  • Lateral Filing Cabinets- These locking door cabinets go up to seven levels high with HIPAA compliant retractable doors to secure contents while providing a professional aesthetic appeal.
  • Modular Stak-N-Lok™ Shelving- Stak-N-Lok™ Shelving is designed with flexibility to grow as your business grows. Simply add a tier (up to seven tiers high) when you need more storage capacity. Store red rope folders, binders, and letter or legal files with or without doors.

Datum Specialty Storage Cabinets and Cartsdatum security carts notebook laptop computer storage dallas san antonio austin houston fort worth brownsville

Datum has a variety of specialty storage products to make your office space and workers efficient.

  • Ez2® Rotary Action File- These space saving spinning type office cabinets spin to open and spin again to lock. These double sided units are designed to be placed against the wall and spin to access one of two sides.
  • FileCart™/LapTop Cart™- Datum has a variety of rolling carts to transport and secure files, laptop computers, boxes, books, and many other types of media.
  • Laptop Storage Cabinets- Datum manufacturers a wide variety of cabinets for securing laptop computers at the desk or for an entire facility such as a library. These cabinets offer security, cable management, and easy deployment of laptops when needed. These carts provide a safe and easy way to transport and store numerous laptops for school, government, training, or corporate applications.

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Datum Technical Workstation Furniture

Datum’s technical workstation furniture allows you to organize and manage your IT room or office. Technical Furniture Systems™ by Datum allow you to customize your information workstation for optimum efficiently. Furniture is easily adjustable and has built-in cable management features to help you manage all those computer cords.

Call Us Today 1-800-803-1083 and Let Us Help You Determine which Datum Product is Right for You

Southwest Solutions Group has Datum offices in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Tennessee to assist you in planning and installing your filing cabinets and technical furniture. Call 1-800-803-1083 for more information on Datum or Supreme filing and storage equipment.

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