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Southwest Solutions Group’s Kansas City office serves Kansas City, Topeka, Overland Park, Olathe, Lawrence, Shawnee, Manhattan, Salina, Lenexa, Columbia, and St Joseph with Manual Mobile Shelving Cabinets (CSI Section 10 56 26 and 101681). We design and deliver Manual Mobile Shelving Cabinets for all types of office filing and industrial warehouse storage environments (view manual mobile shelving cabinets image gallery).

Pull Handle and Hand Crank Manual Mobile Shelving Cabinets

csi 101681 manual mobile shelving cabinets file storage Kansas City Topeka Overland Park Olathe Lawrence Shawnee Manhattan Salina Lenexa Columbia St Joseph

There are two modes of operation to move Manual Mobile Shelving Cabinets. The most popular mode of operation for Manual Mobile Shelving Cabinets is a hand crank mechanism ergonomically located on the face panel of the mobile shelving cabinets. The hand crank mechanism comes in a variety of styles including a three spoke control handle, one spoke control handle, and a ship’s steering wheel design. All three of these handles are very easy to use and are available in several drive ratios to ensure very little effort is spent on turning the handle mechanism. One Manual Mobile Shelving Cabinet handle will typically move up to six or more rows of fully loaded shelving cabinets very easily.

The second type of operation is a stationary pull handle also located on the face panel of the mobile shelving cabinets. This type of handle is used primarily in storage areas with very low activity (like inactive record storage) or for very small systems. Typically, with pull handles you can only move one row of shelving or cabinets at a time and it takes quite a bit of force to start and stop moving.

Safety Features for Manual Mobile Shelving Cabinets CSI Section 10681

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Manual Mobile Shelving Cabinets hand crank models come with several standard and optional safety features. Standard safety features include simple manual push pins on the hand crank handle that lock the handle from turning. Users simply push the pin in on the handle before entering the storage aisle. Optional passive fail safe devices are available that require no user thought or action when entering into the storage aisle. These include safety sweep devices and infrared photo eyes that scan the access aisle for users and stored materials left in an aisle.

Manual Mobile Shelving Cabinets Layout and Design Assistance CSI Section 10 56 26

Southwest Solutions Group® representatives are knowledgeable in ADA and Fire Code compliance, floor load implications, and innovative layout designs to bring you value added resources. With over 15,000 successful Manual Mobile Shelving Cabinets installations, a platinum certified team of 30 installation and service professionals, and a Better Business Bureau A+ rating, you can be confident we stand behind our work.

Serving the state of Kansas With Mobile Shelving Since 1969

Southwest Solutions Group has been serving the Kansas City and the entire state of Kansas since 1969 with Manual Mobile Shelving Cabinets. Call us today at 913-345-0289 for a free Manual Mobile Shelving Cabinets space analysis.

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